Image shows ultra pure copper nanoparticles deposited in vacuum, which are ligand free and cleaner than colloidal or  nanopowder copper. Copper is a well known antiviral and antibacterial material. Copper nanoparticles have been shown to provide antiviral protection.

TEM image of copper nanoparticles

Antiviral nanomaterials join the fight against SARS-Cov-2

Copper and silver have well reported antiviral properties, while gold nanoparticles are helping to deliver early detection and antibody tests for Covid-19. With up to 1000 times larger active surface area nanoparticles offer the potential for enhanced properties compared to simple 2D surfaces in addition to reduced material costs.

Our technology generates nanoparticles in vacuumn which are ultra-pure, monodisperse, hydrocarbons free and ideally suited for antiviral research. Contact us to find out how we can help your antiviral research.

NL50 benchtop nanoparticle coater deposits ultra pure nanoparticles in vacuum. Deposit gold nanoaprticles which are hydrocarbon and ligand free and purer than colloidal gold nanoparticles or nanopowder. Integrated plasma clean gives an atomically clean substrate and aids adhesion. Applications include antiviral materials, antibacterial surfaces, drug deliver, catalysis, bio sensors and bio imaging


           benchtop nanoparticle deposition system


Real time control over nanoparticle density and size, from disperse nanoparticles to textrured 3D coatings. Superior control over loading compared to spin coating of colloidal nanoparticles or  or spark ablation coating.

Precise control over area coverage

submonolayer to multi-layers

Nanoparticles are ultra pure, free of hydrocarbons, ligands or surfactants that plague collolidal nanoparticles. Vacuum generated nanoparticles are generated from ultra pure metal solid target with at 99.999% pure.

Hydrocarbon free nanoparticles

generated in ultra-high vacuum

The NL50 is very flexible and can generate nanoparticles from a wide range of materials, including, silver, copper, gold, titanium, aluminium, Zirconium, molybdenum, nickel and conducting alloys. Simply change the solid target matieral in minutes to switch materials without the need to develop a new chemical sysnthesis process.

Pure and Alloy nanoparticles

from materials shaded in grey

DEMOs of the nanoparticle coater will show deposit a material of your choice and key advantages of vacuum deposited nanoparticles over colloidal and chemical nanoparticles; including purity, simple use, wide of materials and simple swap between materials, including gold, silver, titanium, copper nickel and platinum

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The Nikalyte NL50 is a benchtop nanoparticle deposition system designed for the scientist or technician who is investigating the properties and application of nanoparticles. This instrument produces a coating of nonagglomerated, ultra-pure nanoparticles.

The NL50 is designed to be extremely simple to use, with easy sample loading through a clear sample introduction door and a simple touchscreen for system operation. This instrument will find its home in nanotechnology laboratories throughout the world.

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Benchtop vacuum coater for nanoparticles.

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